The Hottest Summer Pool Trends

You’ve had enough of the sweltering heat in your backyard and you’re ready to make the investment in a pool. […]

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stock photo of woman laying by pool side

Tips for Pool Safety

                Pool safety, for children and adults, is an important issue during the summer season. We here at Dalcollo Pool […]

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stock photo of lifesaver hanging on fence by pool

Gunite Pool vs Vinyl Liner Pool

When considering an in-ground swimming pool for your Long Island home, exploring the pros and cons of each option is […]

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stock photo of a gunite pool in nice backyard

Gunite Pool Maintenance

Gunite swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular for their versatility in shape, as well as durability. Because of the ability […]

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stock image of man cleaning and maintaining residential pool

Popular Gunite Pool Finishes

Dalcollo Pools, located in Long Island, New York, specializes in the design and construction of luxury boutique pool building. Gunite […]

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stock image of man standing on tile pool floor

The Benefits of Our Boutique Style Approach

Before starting the pool building process, everyone starts off in that imagination state of mind. What will YOUR backyard look […]

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