The Hottest Summer Pool Trends

The Hottest Summer Pool Trends

August 1, 2019

You’ve had enough of the sweltering heat in your backyard and you’re ready to make the investment in a pool. Why settle for a boring design when you can invest in a boutique pool? Before you dive in to the process, why not get yourself acquainted with the trends of the summer! From color pallets to stone work, you don’t want to miss out on these trends.

Built in Bar

            Who says you can’t create a Caribbean resort in your own backyard? A swim up bar is a unique feature that combines entertainment with relaxation. Not to mention it also reminds you of a Caribbean destination. Impress your swimmers with poolside service in this amazing pool feature.


            In addition to be a healthier alternative for your skin, saltwater pools have a lot of advantages over chlorine. However, saltwater doesn’t mean that your pool is going to taste like the ocean. These pools use salt chlorine generators, which means that you add salt, and the generator converts it to chlorine.

Sun Shelves

            Another trend that brings more relaxation to your space is a sun shelf. These ledges add contrast to a pool’s elevation giving a shallow place for children to play or adults to lounge in lounge chairs. Sun Shelves are something many tropical resorts utilize, so why not add some luxury to your space?

Darker Pool Hues

            Light pool liners have been a trend for as long as we can remember. People want the color of their pool to resemble the sea. However, there’s been a switch in recent years to darker options. Not only do dark colors give a luxury look, dark liners attract sunlight better and therefore heat up your pool faster.

            With backyard trends constantly changing, pools are no longer just a way to cool off. They have become a design element that can transform your outdoor space into the perfect relaxation spot. Call Dalcallo Pools to start building your boutique pool that will wow any guests!