The Benefits of Our Boutique Style Approach

The Benefits of Our Boutique Style Approach

September 10, 2018

Before starting the pool building process, everyone starts off in that imagination state of mind. What will YOUR backyard look like? How would a pool function best in the space available to you? What kind of features will be used in the design? All these questions can be overwhelming when you’re taking the first step into creating your dream backyard. However, all these questions have one simple answer – boutique pool design.
What is boutique pool design?

With boutique pool design, every part of your backyard paradise will be created custom, exactly the way you want it. Let’s start off with the obvious – your pool. Every backyard space is different and needs to be treated as such. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter pool that functions perfectly in every yard – you need a custom creation that utilizes the space in the most efficient way. We build our pools with a product called gunite. Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand and water that is applied through a pressure hose. This material allows us to build your pool in any shape or size that would fit within the space you’re working with. Another benefit to our Dalcollo Pools is that this material can be designed and textured in any way you desire! You’ll get the look, the shape and the size of pool you need – custom for your backyard.

When you’re designing your backyard space with us, we know it’s about more than just the pool design. It’s all about landscape and hardscape design too. If you want to truly bring your landscape design to life, there are so many ways that you can do it! Make your backyard a lush oasis or tone it down to highlight the features you really want to pop! Either way, you’ll have a stunning yard space that makes you feel at home.

Let’s talk about hardscape because it covers a LOT of ground and you’ve got to incorporate it into your dream backyard! With stunning hardscape designs, we can help you utilize your space to the max! If you’re looking to bring a seating space outside, let us build you a gorgeous and custom patio that will accommodate you, your family and more. Want your backyard to stand out from others? We’ve got you covered. Incorporate a water feature, a breathtaking fire feature or reach new heights with gorgeous pergolas and trellises. The possibilities are endless with our hardscape designs and everything is custom and catered to YOU.

To sum it all up, the boutique style approach is the way to go when designing your dream backyard and we can help you do it all. From the pool, the hardscape and the landscaping – we’ll deliver your exact vision.
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